Friday, March 15, 2013

amfg he's pretending he's the March Hare

  • him: ok ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce myself. i'm a famous musician, i play in the Mad T Party show.
  • him: you can all come listen to me, you can take pictures of me, you can write stories about me, you can dress up as me, you can draw pictures of me, you can tumblah about me and YouTube about me.
  • him: because i am a famous rock star.
  • him: you can say that i'm having a secret love affair with the Dormouse and call me Thackery, i don't care. you know why?
  • ...
  • him: because i am rich and famous and making $10,000 a show.
  • him: just keep in mind that it's against the rules for me to stop and take a picture with you.
  • him: now excuse me i have to go have tea and crumpets with the president of Disney
  • me: you know you're acting like Mally not Thackery...


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